The Evening

It is in the evening that this hotel really comes into its own. Even more so than during the day, at night guests will enjoy the contrast and harmony between the austere beauty of the mountains outside and the elegant warmth of the hotel inside.
The silence of evening can be enjoyed from the balconies which provide the rooms with stunning and meditative views over the surrounding valley. A view which really makes you feel like you could reach out and touch the stars.

The Milanese manager, Marcello Pelà suggests that “this mountain is a place off the beaten track where you can find a true sense of spirit, with a little help from nature”.

Why not get even closer to nature by spending the night in one of the overlying huts which can be reached by Rattrack during the winter or by a short walk during the summer months. There is also the chance to savor the Val d’Aosta cuisine in the renowned local restaurants which are just a few minutes’ walk away.

Amongst them, one of the oldest in the region, the “Capanna Carla” offers a genuine taste of regional specialities including Fondues, game and Italian cheese "Tomino".