The Day

No matter what time of year it is, the hotel is always buzzing with activity. The amazing proximity of the mountain peaks is a reminder that sometimes we have to escape the bustle of our city lives in order to discover something new.

Making the journey to the Hotel de Gletscher is all it takes to discover the heights not just of the mountains, but of relaxation and wellbeing. Thanks to the wonderfully close location of the hotel to the ski slopes, the day is bursting with opportunities for winter sports from autumn to spring.

However it isn’t just skiing which is found locally. The hosts make every effort to provide the guests with any help or information they need about the region, and to resolve any issues which may arise.

They work extremely hard to ensure that your days here are completely peaceful and fulfilling at all times. They aim to create the perfect stay by paying careful attention to the needs and demands of the guests so that they can aim to provide the necessary solutions. They are dedicated to passing their love of the mountains on to their guests.

The owner Francesca Perego, who is a ski instructor from Milan, says that “To go up the mountains is like food for your soul”. She fell in love with the area and so decided to move here and build this hotel.

She adds, “It is like recharging and re-finding yourself moment after moment. The noises that surround you: that of the streams, the birds, the marmots. The rustling, the wind and the creaking of the snow give you a sense of being at one with nature”.