The Season & Special Events

Every period during the year, whether in the winter ski season or not, offers an opportunity for fun and exciting experiences.

Hotel de Gletscher offers a diverse and varied holiday whether guests choose to come during the skiing months or once the snow has melted. The location of the hotel acts as the perfect base for climbers, situated right at the foot of the Monte Rosa. From May to September the hotel is also the perfect base from which to reach surrounding areas accessible only on foot.

From here, when you reach a certain height, that particular heavy weight of city life disappears and the horizon moves away until you can no longer see it. The immensity of it all creates truly special moments. Individual colors and scents are intensified. Even the sky, in contrast to the white of the snow or the green of the trees, seems closer.

Small streams, clearings and dizzying heights create the ideal setting for breathtaking excursions. Brush past buttercups and rhododendrons, gather wild mushrooms, raspberries and blackberries and keep an eye out for wildlife such as mountain goats, chamois and marmots. Not forgetting all the fantastic alpine birds that are native the area.

Autumn too, brings different sounds and sights to the countryside around the hotel, providing authentic and fascinating views.
But it isn’t just the pleasure of exploring the wilderness which can be enjoyed here.

The hotel is the perfect place in which to host courses in anything from Yoga and meditation to psychophysical awareness. It’s the ideal retreat for counseling or family gatherings, as well as Shiatsu or literary conventions.

Autumn at the hotel means the opportunity for cookery courses. Add something special to your holiday with a fun and interesting insight into the preparation of baked delicacies, chocolate, bread, biscuits and preserves.